Thursday, June 11, 2015


2015-06-11                                                                                 INRI

Where is the world headed, it is time to repent, for there is now a great void, a lack of love only selfishness being exhibited and not the unity in My Body upon earth.

The moment is imminent for tomorrow is not promised to anyone, yes rely on My Mercy but with fortitude and Wisdom seek to be recollected.

The unfolding of the Father's plan of Salvation for the world is vastly coming to fruition, be confident in this.

Soon it will be out of your hands as to what you should or should not do, for you will be commanded by the authorities of this world.

It will not be as you would have done if things had progressed as you desired, but now you must be prepared, not by yourselves for My Spirit will guide you. 

He will lead you at this time, listen carefully as in no other time in history has such diabolical or foreboding times ever occurred or been known to mankind.

You are not left to organize or to fend for yourselves, you have never been left alone and certainly not now in these perilous times.

My Mercy is being extended to all, but many have not been made aware, you must be My ambassadors of peace and love.

I desire to rescue the ones who find themselves in dire straits, either due to circumstances that were not their fault, or from dealings known or unknown with the evil one, who schemes and lies.

Souls have been devastated because of his works, and families torn apart, I want to give them hope.

Be confident in the good that I wish to accomplish today with your help, you need not know a great deal in order that I use you, only your willingness to do what I inspire in the moment.

It is not someone other than you that I am asking.

Your courage will come from Me, what can man do to you, I have suffered everything before you, only look to what I suffered and you will gain the strength that you need.

My friends, did I walk the earth in sadness, knowing that My death was before Me, I assure you I did not, I trusted in the goodness of My Father and that His plan for you and for Me was His best.

His plan is still unfolding and knowing Our love for all will instill peace in your hearts, this is important for each to remember as you pray and fast during the allotted time.

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