Thursday, June 18, 2015


2015-06-18                                                                                     INRI

The Angels will gather and divide the good from the bad who have lived upon the earth, the ones to eternal happiness and the others to eternal damnation.

All who have done good and served justice and Truth, who have not lived as My enemy but believed in Me will have their reward.

You have been given the Holy Spirit, Who has given you gifts and produced in you much fruit, in order that you may rejoice in this life, that you may have freedom and that righteousness may flourish.

My Kingdom will come, the New Jerusalem, but many will not remain who vacillate between right and wrong doing as circumstances present themselves.

All must decide for good now, when the time of great trial has been fully implemented and temptations abounding, it may be too late.

The Father is allowing every opportunity for those who waver to choose conversion in their lives that they might be saved.

The degree of suffering will be greatly elevated in order for those caught in last minute deciding to be brought into the light and saved.

Your Holy Mother intercedes day and night for Her children, yet Heaven requires that they ask for Her help that She may act accordingly to their need.

She sends Michael the Archangel and his defending angels when you pray, Satan has been defeated and will always be defeated.

In order that you be protected and defended pray in My Name, taking authority to cast out demons and all elements of evil, do not fear for I am always with you, even as you do not see Me.

Life as you now know it cannot continue, it must not continue progressing in evil, for your holiness and sanctification is at stake and the world must be renewed according to the eternal plan of Salvation.

My love for you, each of you is so great, beyond even your most loving imagination, emotion or feeling, for I love you Divinely, infinitely and perfectly.

Each moment of the remaining time must be cherished, I am very close to each of you, love Me in the Holy Eucharist, in Adoration and always during your time of prayer when you are merely talking to Me.

May your eyes be opened to know what is truly valuable and what is useless, I am your treasure, I will use you to save the lost and eventually bring you home to be with Me if you allow Me to act in you.

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