Thursday, June 4, 2015


2015-06-04                                                           INRI

I comfort the afflicted, those who come to Me burdened and lost, unite therefore your sufferings with My sufferings, even as I suffer now over the sins of the nations for I love them.

You are seeking relief, that is justified but strive to know the Will of the Father as I did upon earth submitting even unto death, that you may rise with Me in the power of a Resurrected life.

Because She is your Mother also, seek to be consecrated to Mother Mary, Who desires to bring you into a relationship with Me, forming you daily and preparing each of you for battle.

Being mindful of My constant presence and assistance, be bold in your stand for the Gospel, it is the only Truth that will set you free in moments of uncertainty and fear.

When you repent of your sins, be conscious of My willingness to assist you in overcoming weaknesses with your every effort given to Me.

Do not be afraid to speak of Me to others, letting them realize your personal relationship with Me, I long that they would also desire Me as the Lord of their life.

The days are far spent and the light draws dim, for the coming darkness overwhelms all and all within it.

I will always be your light and lead you as the world draws further and further away from Me, oblivious to the great dangers that await them, for the devil seeks to entrap, that he may control.

I desire your freedom and that your happiness be a constant reality not a mirage of falsehood, a lie that is being believed by multitudes.

Before your conversion child, the evil one had his way with you, no resistance was given to him by you, you submitted willingly without resisting.

But I have been persistently seeking after you from your earliest days, and at an opportune moment, I claimed you as My own, for you were Mine from the beginning.

With each rising of the sun, praise Me, worship and adore the Supreme Majesty that I am, and I will make of you a power house to be reckoned with, for you are My treasures in clay vessels.

You My children will be heirs with Me on high, assuming the position of authority for you are in Me for all eternity.

Do not give power to the lie of the evil one by accepting it, for he has been defeated, in My Name you have great power to bring healing, conversions and love into a world that seeks to eliminate Me from everything that I have created, and which rightly belongs to Me.

I will have the final victory, will you be standing with Me My friends, My treasures?

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