Wednesday, May 27, 2015


2015-05-26                                                                    INRI

I have gone to the Father to prepare a place for you, that you may be with Me forever.

But for now live in My joy even as I accomplish your purification, that may not be pleasant at times but necessary.

You will trust Me to cleanse those things in you that you may not even be aware of, things that in the afterlife would cause you to remove yourself from My presence.

Your love for Me and for others has yet to be perfected, it is My work in you and for the good of those whose Salvation is pending, I devise plans that will benefit all concerned. 

I will thus be purifying your intentions and motives for doing good, it will not be for self glorification but for My glory completely and purely.

May all that you perform in love be to do only My Will and not what you would desire to do for Me, it will be a matter of the grace that accompanies these acts that will make the difference.

Thus you will have a constant joy always, for you will not fail, it will be what I desire and the outcome will not concern you, it will be as I have willed it, for My Wisdom is beyond your scope.

I am coming soon for the chastisement of this world has begun, I am cleansing a world that has spun out of control and beyond revulsion in the eyes of it's Creator.

You will assist Me in your own cleansing and purification by surrendering each day and accepting what may come, remember that it is only good that I will allow to transform you.

As troubled as this world appears now, all is not lost place your hope only in Me for My love for you is total, My elect are safe and need not fear, remain in communication with prayer.

You have joy in the depths of your being, it is there because of My Holy Spirit dwelling in you, could I allow anything to harm you, He will direct your every step if you allow it, each day will be a new realization of Our love.

Those around you will be drawn to your calm assurance, your trusting and selfless resolve, that you give to Me in serving your brothers and sisters.

Yes, you are suffering as you follow Me, always be aware that only good is passing through My Hands that you may gain grace upon grace in your purification.

I am preparing you for what is happening in your world, but also for the new life that you will be living with Me, My love for you is unending and I await the day when you will be completely Mine.

Do not be afraid as you see the earth in such turmoil, I shelter you beneath the shadow of My Wings, remain in the joy of trusting in My love for you.

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