Friday, May 15, 2015


2015-05-14                                                                                       INRI

If you attempt any project or try to accomplish any task without invoking the aid of My Holy Spirit, you displease Him.

The world as you now know it is passing away, but the Father's plan is well underway, and unfolding, progressing as has long been foretold.

The Holy Spirit will be poured out into your Souls and transform you into a New Heaven, nothing will remain the same.

Inspired then by the Spirit of Truth, sinners will turn to My Mercy and by this I will be glorified and will fill them with joy and light, and a freedom that they have never known.

In an instant it becomes clear to the mind, which had previously been confused and irrational, disillusioned, afraid and saddened, that something is wrong and needs to change.

All these negative symptoms will have disappeared as in an early morning mist with the coming of the sun, one will know without a doubt, what he must now do.

Invoke the Spirit of Truth constantly, have Him as your best friend for this is what He is.

He is the gentle, cool breeze in the summer heat, strength for the weak, peace for those who are anxious, encouragement for the downtrodden and hopeless ones, and healing for the ailing.

Truly, with and in My Spirit, the light of the Soul, mind and heart lift all who seek to come to know and desire a life lived in and through Me.

My Holy Spirit delights in giving His sevenfold gifts and to produce fruits in you that will last throughout eternity.

For the holiness that you will attain upon earth, will proceed with you into eternity and continue to progress always.

Because you have been made in My Image, you glorify your Triune God with every increase in virtue and grace attributed to you through acts of love.

It is the Spirit's work to purify Souls into Sainthood for the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore strive to love more and more while you are able, soon you will have understanding of what is hidden, do not neglect to do good.

Humility is the foundation upon which is built the New Heavens, follow the leading of the Queen of Heaven and earth, for She is the most humble of all God's creatures.

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