Saturday, May 2, 2015


2015-04-30                                                                       INRI

Each moment of everyday of your life here upon this earth, I am raising you higher, even as you do not seek it yourselves, for you do not treasure this time with the importance that it holds.

Because your eyes are veiled, you do not realize how much the world is increasingly pulling you down, deeper and deeper as in quick-sand, oblivious to how you are being corrupted within your Souls.

I am therefore lifting you up out of the mire, and setting your feet once again upon the path of righteousness that leads to Me and eternal happiness.

This leading of which I speak, is not for the future only but for the here and now, empowering you to do those things that will bring the greatest rewards for you and for the good of others.

You may not be aware of any of what is happening in the realm of your present existence, for as I have said, your eyes are veiled, shielded.

You do not perceive My glorious brilliance even as I am before you in the Monstrance on your altar, nor are you aware of the great entourage of Saints and Angels that adore in My presence.

Without the veil, My presence in the Holy Eucharist would be impossible to view with human eyes, so spectacular and illustrious is My Being. 

At times, I permit some of the Chosen few to see Me, for the good of My faithful followers that they may believe with a greater Faith.

Without your being able to sense in anyway, I superimpose Myself with you at Communion, because you have been crucified in Me, now in Me you live the resurrected life with Me.

How few believe the immensity of the greatest privilege ever bestowed upon human beings, to be empowered with Divinity.

Be at Peace, this is the beginning of Wisdom which will form you to holiness, preparing you as you open your hearts to receive graces, that will ready you to become the first inhabitants of the New Jerusalem.

Be patient for I am coming soon, I will dispel the darkness of this present world, and the Trinity will be the fulfilling of every joy you have been waiting for.

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