Wednesday, April 22, 2015


2015-04-22                                                                                       INRI

This was the greeting with which I welcomed My Apostles, who were huddled in the upper-room for fear of the Jews, and this is how I am greeting each of you today.

Peace, not the absence of turmoil only but something much greater, My Shalom, it is fulfillment, completeness and satisfaction.

Tranquility of Spirit and an inner joy and a feeling of well-being, this is what I give to you who are Mine and who are on the path of eternity, being saved.

Do not allow yourselves to be upset, anxious or agitated by anything, quickly call on the Holy Spirit and ask Him for His gift of Peace.

I Myself am the One who is building you like a fortress, a temple, to be My resting place, therefore be patient with yourselves and with all your shortcomings.

Beginning with humility as your base, I form you day by day to accept willingly your lot in life, be docile in My Hands, especially be accepting those things that often cause you concern.

Your life will be lived for Me alone if you do not have preconceived ideas on what should or should not be, for I do not want you to hold on to anything.

Oh, that you would give Me a heart at rest, where I may sigh for relief when the world is not a welcoming place for Me, I will recline in you.

It is here that I will come to you, may you be awaiting My presence and willing to do My greatest or slightest request.

Quiet the beating of your heart and allow the sweetness of My Peace to envelope you completely.

Every time that you allow yourself to worry or accept frustration to enter and remain, I feel unwelcomed, for I am Peace and love, here you decide to trust in Me or yourself.

Inner peace should be your way of life, it will not be accomplished in a day but each of you should strive to gain a greater desire for it.

You cannot love your God or your neighbour when your peace is gone, I seek this refuge in you always, therefore the Peace that I am giving you will surpass all understanding, it is My work in you.

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