Thursday, April 9, 2015


2015-04-09                                                             INRI

The world becomes more pagan day by day, in order that you may prepare yourselves, you must determine which side you are truly on.

Whether you are with Me or against Me, for you can no longer straddle both sides of the fence, to compromise with the world is not an option.

The blood of the Martyrs that have gone before you are the seed of the Church upon which you stand, and the foundation which you base your Faith in Me.

Do you acknowledge Me first in your everyday life?  Peter felt strongly, before the test that he would absolutely die with and for Me, but learned that he did not have what it took to follow through.

I have given to you the Holy Spirit, Who will enable you to do what is required in the proper time, which has already been decided upon by My Father.

Your Mother and Queen is presently forming you, as you give yourself to Me with an open heart, She is able to obtain graces that enable you to make good judgment choices at each moment.

These are treacherous times, but you need not be afraid to declare your loyalty to Me, your Lord and Savior, if you are a Religious, Priest or Sister wear proudly your habit, even as a lay Catholic follower wear the cross with love and reverence.

They may spit on you, but remember they spat and cursed at Me and in following Me you are in good company.

You may be the only believer in your family, I have chosen you to excel in the area of evangelizing them, this is most difficult when maintaining peace, you must not compromise your Faith.

Look to Me for the help you need, I will always supply the Wisdom to say and do what will bring about the desired Truth, to bring about the most Faith and conversion.

Do not neglect to speak to your friend or co-worker who may need to know Me, by close proximityyou have the opportunity to bring them Charity, as a way of spreading the Gospel message of love.

Without any great effort on your part, for I have gifted you with what you need to accomplish this work, you will bring into the Kingdom even just one more Soul.

If the situation necessitates, I may ask you to step out of your comfort zone, to be courageous  for your own sake and the sake of another, whose very Soul may lay in the balance.

Many Saints have gone before you, with the same weaknesses that you may be experiencing, they are your examples of success, when they also felt less than able to accomplish the task set before them.

Go now with the strength and courage allotted you for these are the times that have been given you to shine in the darkness, never be ashamed of Me, I have loved you throughout eternity.

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