Tuesday, April 14, 2015


2015-04-14                                                                           INRI

You are not aware of your woundedness, though your sins be forgiven, residual effects of your wounds remain.

Come daily to My Cross and gaze at My wounds, they will renew you and make you new.

Forgiven and healed at the Cross, you will overcome those things that have hindered your growth, you may not even be aware of the infirmity of your Soul.

You have a greater capacity for Spiritual growth than you are willing to aspire to, what is blocking your progress I will reveal, for you do not challenge yourselves as I expect from those I've blessed abundantly. 

Do not be afraid to go beyond yourselves in order to meet others' needs and also to be willing to offer assistance to the depth where you have never gone before.

You may aspire to do great things, but the simple helps given in an opportune time may be all that is required of you, do not postpone for grace is supplied for the moment.

To believe means to act, it demands more than having Faith and doing nothing.

I am with you as you act, even as you pick up a piece of litter for the good of the environment, if it is done out of love, peace will flow into your community.

The unknown may harbor an element of fear for you, but having a believing Faith in Me overcomes your reluctance to act, I can do through you what you feel will be impossible.

As you serve, you will be brought to recognize the pain of those for whom you are serving, you will be able to see that you are really serving Me.

I am wounded by observing those who are lukewarm, self-reliant, and who have no need of My help, they are not acting as Christians for this would involve looking fervently at the Cross.

I am forming you who have died to self and giving you grace upon grace, there are some who will not accept the graces being offered to them and so I am prepared to give you an abundance of graces.

Suffering and pain are the means that I may use to perfect those whom I especially call to minister to the many who are in great need of Salvation, I do not send you alone, I and My Mother Mary assist you.

Daily I will renew your Spirit and energize you in your different Ministries, in united prayer, I grant you in the here and now, fruits of the Kingdom, because you are believing.  

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