Wednesday, May 20, 2015


2015-05-20                                                                                 INRI

Undeniably with the eyes of Faith, you will see Me, I long to anoint you that you may see Me.

With great anticipation in your heart, you will perceive My presence before you, gazing into your very Soul.

As you continue to praise and worship, a sense of well-being and peace wells up within each one who has given Me these precious moments of time to devote to the One Who loves them infinitely.

Not with your human eyes will you see Me, for this will be for most of you reserved for our encounter as you begin a new life with all in Heaven.

You have never left My eyes, for I viewed you from the Cross, there I loved you because of your great need of redemption and sanctification, I so desired to give you My Spirit.

Look at Me now and adore Me, I am removing blindness caused by sin, imperfections that separate us and that impair your hearing Me and all the guilt that you have held on to.

Receive understanding of the Faith I have gifted you with, for here and now will be revealed the Truths and realities of what you believe, you will now know that you know without a doubt.

In your need, I am purifying you, daily as you receive Me in the Eucharist, soon the pillars upon which you are relying will no longer be there, I am now preparing you to be strong, I will be with you.

Some will find that they have been incapacitated for a short time, do not fight this time of rest, for I am very much with you, it is a necessary period given to some that they may more directly be instructed.

When you have recovered, you will be strengthened and given power in the words I will give to you for others, possibly family or friends, or whoever I may send you, be aware of My wanting to use you.

Your prayers are very powerful, do not underestimate what I can do through you, you do not realize how much worth I place on the little sacrifices you offer Me in the light of doing good for another.

Seek to simplify your life, otherwise I may proceed to help you in a more severe way, I would rather that you initiate this yourselves, it will be of a greater merit for you.

As you gaze at Me, you do not realize how much love is radiating to your Souls, ask Me for what you desire and if it is to love Me more or anything within My Will, surely I will be prompt to comply.

Oh, what a delight the heart and Soul engage in as I bathe you in My radiant light, calming fears and anxiety, filling each with trust and security, and at this precious time do not look for what you must do to increase your love for Me, only receive.

Only receive what I am giving you in waves coming from the Tabernacle or Monstrance, you are receiving My peace and love, as the waves of the Sea coming to the shore, again and again.

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