Thursday, July 2, 2015


2015-07-02                                                                      INRI

Your hope has been rightly placed in the fact, that I have reserved for you a share in the Kingdom of Light.

Do not allow any thoughts of past transgressions, to interfere with the progress you are making in the journey towards Heaven.

Daily you are seeking to please Me more and I am drawing you into a deeper relationship that will both satisfy you and increase your desire for Me.

Each of you were created with a longing for God, but some have sought to satisfy this longing with things or busyness that occupy time in your lives that should be reserved for Me.

During your prayer times, the Holy Spirit will softly whisper His love to those who are seeking to live the life designed for their greater benefit, He is there to guide and has a plan for each of you.

Mysteries will be revealed and you will never forget what has been given you in these precious moments that you know were given especially for your growth, in order that your relationship with Me will deepen ever more.

The souls in Purgatory await their release, both through what they are suffering and through your prayers.

Pray as much as you can each day, never forgetting them for they will in return pray for you in response for your generosity to them.

As you intercede for yourself or for others' needs, you please Me as this is showing Me that you are believing in My love for you, and trusting that you are not only being heard but await an answer.

I am rejoicing that you overcome faults, that you have victory and growth as you persevere in suffering, and that in humiliation you forgive those who hurt you.

Always I am with you and never leave, your requests are welcomed and appreciated, whether they be trivial in matter or life-changing in decision making.

Your confidence in Me is necessary, your predecessors found trust and courage to go on in difficult situations, sometimes risking their very lives, never were they left disappointed.

Ask Me today for what you need, I delight in granting you My very best, here you will grow in what is lacking for as you progress there will always be more and more.

As My Father and I and the Holy Spirit love you, Our work is to bring you home at whatever the cost, and it did cost Me My life.

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