Thursday, July 30, 2015


2015-07-30                                                                                    INRI

You have a Divine appointment, a goal glorious in its journey, it is appointed to you by God.

You will know My words to you are Truth because of the interior movement within you, who seek a deeper relationship with Me, a greater fulfillment of what has been promised.

I have called you to be Baptized unto repentance, but there is a Baptism of fire that I desire you to receive, that you may be renewed in your Christian walk on earth.

It is as if you were dormant in life and in awakening you realize that your life as it was, was lacking joy and happiness and meaning.

This is what I want you all to receive, it is My power acting in you, My life of love, and even a greater interior peace, in your earthly pilgrimage.

In your fight against sin and temptations, there is power to overcome them and victory, you will experience a changed attitude towards people that previously you found difficult to deal with for instance.

My Holy Spirit will transform every aspect of your life if you will allow Him to do so, I will never violate your will, but I desire that My plan for your life coincide with what you desire for yourself.

Without My Spirit to guide you, the temptations and lures of the world will be overwhelming, they may cause you to despair in your failure to attain success in Godly living.

I await your request for the Baptism of the Spirit that will renew what was given to you when the Sacrament was administered to you originally.

If you have been realizing that something was lacking in our relationship, that there must be more in life than what you've been experiencing, now is the crucial moment to receive an infilling of My Spirit.

There is more, much more, you cannot exhaust My gifts and creativity in using them, you have not imagined what I potentially intended in order to progress and to give success to all your endeavors.

This is not for a small group of especially chosen individuals but for all of you, I will not refuse to empower anyone who comes to Me seeking a more fulfilled life, wanting more of My life in them.

Many have found satisfaction in the world, only to find that it does not last, and they must seek more and greater thrills and possessions.

I am offering to place you on the path to Salvation with a security, peace and meaning in your life, you must not put off for one moment more, you may not have another opportunity to do so.

Lift up your hearts to Me now, that I may fill you with My Spirit, your life depends on it, your future pending.

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