Wednesday, July 15, 2015


2015-07-15                                                           INRI

Have you the courage dear ones, who obey My commands, have you the strength and desire to confront in love those who are clearly headed for destruction?

Indeed without My Holy Spirit's power and grace, you will not be able to say one word.

These words that you must speak will only be heard if they are spoken out of love, they must bring about the desired response of repentance and forgiveness.

Pray now for My Spirit to prepare in advance the hearts and conscience of those whom the Spirit will have you address, here the illumination of their minds from the darkness that has overtaken them will be imperative.

Yes dear ones, you will need courage in these days of evil that threatens to overwhelm the world, but I will always be beside you and in you, protecting, guiding and instructing, listen attentively.

For it is the Father's Will that through Me the world would be saved, yet some refuse to believe in Me, the Son of God, they prefer to create a god of their own passions and freedoms.

Yet they presume upon My Mercy, persisting in their sins till the day of judgment, may they find the true path that leads them to repentance and forgiveness.

But while there is today, pray for your loved ones, who have believed the lies of the deceitful, evil one, and who have accepted the culture of death as their truth.

They choose their own version of the truth, that is the popular opinion of the current culture, which will only lead them to spiritual death, My Truth brings joy and true freedom.

With great concern for them, place your trust in Me, as you pray for their enlightenment and Salvation.

Your prayers are of immense value, for your Father's ear is turned constantly to you, each prayer pouring many graces upon mankind.

Not knowing their plight, they are heading down the path of destruction, when at any given moment their lives may be called to make an account.

You are constrained to awaken them from their stupor, for you are accountable before Me to a genuine compassion for them.

Be wise, be gentle and loving in and through Me, thereby you will be able to accomplish your mission.

Do not fear that you will be a minority, I can do through you, if you will allow Me to use you, a great work that will glorify God for all eternity, saving many who would have been lost forever.

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