Thursday, July 9, 2015


2015-07-09                                                                               INRI

Without Me you can do nothing, that is why your union with Me is so important.

Repent of anything that might be holding you back from this complete surrender to Me.

Then will you take hold of the true meaning of your life, the reason for being, the reason you were created.

Until you unite with Me, your life will seem to have no boundaries, no purpose and no direction to follow.

Even your thoughts will be thrown wildly from glee to fright and everything in between, not only a feeling of uselessness but even of despair.

You will not have the stability that I want you to have, nor the peace that will render you capable of real love of God and neighbour.

As you say “yes” to Me, My Holy Spirit will form fruits of peace and joy and everything needed in a world that is not suited to leading you to a life of Faith.

The possibilities of greater virtues as is common with Saints will be open to you and you will desire them.

The Kingdom of God is yours, I have called you and therefore without doubt walk in the ways of grace.

As My child you sit quietly upon My lap, just being who you are, content to have been created and loved by your Creator.

It is all gift, wonderful to behold, yet all I am asking of you is that you reciprocate to My love by willingly surrendering your will to Mine.

Do not allow fear of anything whether of your past regrets or of not being accepted by Me because you are just an ordinary person.

I have chosen the simple, ordinary people to confound the wise and prestigious, thus is the Wisdom of God, who shall know the mind of God and His varied ways.

Draw near in prayer and meditation, I will meet you there and never fail you, do not fear what I may ask of you, for in each case you will have been prepared in advance.

Soon the world leaders in willful pride, will turn many against Me, instilling a self-seeking motivated way of life to all who will listen.

Then will I call My faithful followers who have united their hearts and minds to Me, I will take care of all their needs, they will gather together in loyalty and honour.  

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