Thursday, July 23, 2015


2015-07-23                                                                      INRI

I want to fill you now with the joy of Heaven, the joy that comes from uniting your heart to Mine, as well as to the Heart of your Holy Mother Mary.

She walked beside Me in My Passion, fortifying and encouraging Me to continue My Mission to save the world, She is also enabling you to carry your cross each day.

Each of you will have a cross to carry as you follow Me, but you need not carry it alone, with infused perseverance and strength to go the distance, you will finish in victory, united with Our Hearts.

You can journey without Her but it is to your great advantage to consecrate yourselves now to Her Immaculate Heart, where graces abound, being that She is the Mediatrix of all graces.

Seek My Divine presence and desire to please only Me, in all that you think, say and do, this concept will grow and flower in you as you are directed by the Holy Virgin.

Do not seek to be seen and to please others in what you do or what you say, for here you will have your reward on earth, not in Heaven.

You are being prepared prior to the period of Peace that will come into the world, each heart of the chosen will have been conditioned in love of God and neighbour to withstand what has been foretold.

This is not a prediction for the future but now, the coming events, yes which are presently upon your doorstep, the chastisements have begun, they must not be a distraction to you who are being prepared.

Enter into Her school, the happiness of the Holy Mother's Heart, where She will make of you a temple fit for the living God to direct and use you as He pleases.

You are to be formed into a holy army docile, and conformed in the ways of God's children, alert to His every prompting and action.

Because of your formation it has always been My Will to have your words, your thoughts and activities, viewed and heard in order that you become the persons, that you were created to be.

In the New Jerusalem, each will be uniquely gifted for the good of the Body, My Church, unified for strength and power for the sake of love being spread through every heart united in Peace.

Think of others before yourselves, but do all this in order to please Me, this is the difference that will make all that you do a reservoir of grace, filled to overflowing.

My graces are awaiting you in all that you attempt to do what has been commanded of you, to love God with all you heart, mind and soul, and your neighbour as yourself.

Take each day as a new beginning, for that is what it is, I have many blessings and an abundance of grace for what I have in store for you to claim, may you ask Me to prepare you to receive all.

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