Wednesday, August 5, 2015


2015-08-05                                                   INRI                 

If you would desire to know Me, and not only to know about Me, come and spend time in adoration.

Spend an hour with Me before My Tabernacle, or Monstrance where I await you, here is a gift so precious that many miss its magnitude and benefits.

You have desires that you wish to share with Me, but I also have plans I wish to put into your heart.

I know you better than you know yourself, and there are things you will not share with anyone else, I want to console and strengthen you, congratulate you and hear your praise and thanksgiving to Me.

Here I am to advise and counsel you about your deepest concerns, what you should let go of and what you should pursue and how to do it wisely.

In your world there is much confusion, noise and busyness to occupy your days, but make some time each and everyday to spend some time with Me, preferably in My presence, with meaningful conversation.

You as a Church, are blessed beyond your understanding, in the Sacraments as well as Scripture and Tradition, much growth is gained through them.

I am the light that makes clear the way to solving problems, yet few come to Me before they fail and make matters worse, unnecessary pain and aggravation being achieved instead.

I am your healer, those who are chosen to suffer with illness, throughout their earthly life, will by no means handle this meritoriously without Me in their lives, I will provide the needed strength and a joy if they will unite with My Passion.

There should be no sadness in you even as you suffer trials, come into My embrace and I will lighten your burden, journeying on your goal toward your Heavenly reward.

Be mindful of your words to Me, I am listening to your every word, be sincere and not speaking to Me as if no one is there, I assure you that My Heart can be saddened by ingratitude and coldness.

Superficial and repetitious words that are not generated from a sincere love for Me, do not allow Me to shower you with blessings and grace that I planned for you during this time in My presence.

I thirst for your Salvation, through your heartfelt prayers, I am able to give you a grace that expects Me to act concerning your needs.

Therein lies your whole belief in Me, when you as a response to My leading, act trusting for it to be accomplished on earth as it is in Heaven.

Simple conversation, I want only what is in your heart, not complicated jargon that means nothing to you, ask Me to reveal to you who you really are.

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