Tuesday, August 11, 2015


2015-08-11                                                                                    INRI

Is there enough evidence in your life to convict you of being a Christian, My followers?

Indeed there are good people that follow other religions, but would people know Me in you as another Christ?

Tell Me daily of your love for Me, and also tell those closest to you of your love for them, especially family.

They are My gift to you and though you may not realize it, they will be your means of attaining eternal life, as you represent to them My very presence.

You cannot say that you love Me your God and ignore or be angry towards those in your care.

In your life upon earth, short as it is, your aim must be to become holy, one must love God and neighbour and to serve.

I came to earth to demonstrate what true love is, for I love My Father and all creatures, doing perfectly His Will.

Do you require others to serve you, I came to serve and willingly gave My life for you, will you die to self in order that you may be crucified with Me?

I want you to live the Resurrected life in Me, there is so much that I want to accomplish in your life here on earth, there is a love, a fire through My Spirit that will renew the world.

You must realize this now, awaken the desire to be love to others, what is about to transpire around you will come suddenly, and you must already be prepared, cemented in your heart, your surrender to Me.

Do not be afraid to pray with your family, even if they refuse at first, be persistent I will give the grace that will convince even hardened hearts, and draw them to Me.

It will be in these troubled times that My grace will be most effective in winning the lost, be positive in what you expect from your prayer to Me.

Satan will claim many unsuspecting souls, that do not pray, souls preoccupied with the things of this world that will not mean anything when the time comes for them to be reconciled with Me.

For eternity is coming for all, in one way or another eternity will come to all, Heaven is calling but not all are responding, not all have come to know Me.

Pray for your deceased relatives and do not cease to implore My Mercy for them, in My love I have not overlooked any means in saving those who sit on the margins.

Receive Me frequently in Holy Eucharist, for this is the time for Me to reveal all that I want to do in you, I love all My Saints that I am forming daily, reflect this same love to all you meet.

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