Wednesday, August 26, 2015


2015-08-26                                                                       INRI

Do not think that I am calling you to be materially poor, when I ask you in Wisdom to be poor in spirit.

To be poor in spirit, is to recognize your utter lack of resources to secure pardon, mercy and forgiveness.

Indeed there may be rich persons who are trustworthy and faithful, and there may be poor people who disregard the gift of grace in disbelief.

Seek to have a heart broken because of the damage accomplished by your sin both to yourself and others.

Be brokenhearted because of the pain and suffering that I endured to rescue you from the sin and death that resulted.

To be poor in spirit is a humility of soul, known especially by the Holy Virgin, My Mother who awaited salvation with courage and refinement as She watched with a broken heart, My crucifixion.

I gave Her to you, and you to Her at the foot of the Cross, She will help bring you to Me, into the light which will illumine the darkness, sins that are hidden, which I wish now to expose.

How could I expect you to repent without illumination of conscience, how can you know what is causing you to fail in your progress to holiness.

Satan has caused many to think that the happiness they enjoy now in their sin, to be My looking the other way or My absence in the world, but again he is the prince of lies.

Their happiness is false and is only a mirage, so to speak, I will bring you into true happiness and a joy that will never end, yes it begins by being poor in spirit.

The poor in spirit will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, if you will allow Me, I will show each of you personally how helpless you are to secure pardon, mercy and forgiveness for yourselves.

Surrender to Me as a little child, you will enter My Will and your only goal will be to enter your Heavenly reward, in this way, I will be able to rescue your family members so dear to you.

Dependent on My provision only, you forget your neediness and concentrate on what I desire to do through you, which is My Will on earth.

You will know that you are cooperating with Me, in the peace that you enjoy, I comfort those who willingly receive from My Hands the crosses and the sharing in tribulations.

In the tranquility and quiet of your hearts, you will hear Me speak, thus we will share a friendship that I Myself long for while I await your entry into Heaven.

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