Thursday, August 20, 2015


2015-08-19                                                              INRI

Strive to enter the narrow gate, My faithful followers, for I Myself am that gate and none other.

While on earth, I did the Father's Will perfectly and He was very pleased, now in My Resurrected life the Father's Will is still being done but only as you allow Me to use you.

His Will done on earth as it is in Heaven, will only be accomplished through Me, a good deed listening and patiently waiting to hear what God desires is best.

My Spirit will instigate and give insight when another is in need of help, I will be your ability and supply what is needed materially, I give you a heart to love the unlovable, I give strength when you feel  unqualified to be of any assistance.

I enter into you when you receive Me in Holy Eucharist, there am I loving you in the most intimate way, waiting for a return of My investment in you, that you may desire with Me to be used to offer love to others.

Never are you left to decide on your own what to do and to know who is in need of assistance, I will direct and empower you, giving you as needed courage and confidence in Me to proceed.

Every good work, even the smallest thing done out of love for Me to another, will be rewarded as being done to Me.

You will have a deep rooted joy and happiness in doing these things, soon it becomes second nature for you to walk confidently with your Savior, a new liveliness in each step.

It is we, you and I who will accomplish all that the world requires to be brought to the designated and greatly needed prophesied peace.

The narrow gate, a way that not many find because they think that it is beyond them, meant only for the especially holy chosen ones, they may even think that it is not My Will that they pursue it.

I desire that all would enter into this relationship, for it is indeed a relationship with Me, I am near do you not perceive My closeness to you.

My love is infinite and I wish to shower upon all My beloved, healings and merciful love, thereby encompassing all weakness and shortcomings.

Come now into My embrace and feel the release of all your stress, your needs being met, now may you feel all burdens fall, and you may not retrieve any for they no longer matter.

You are able to confidently trust Me to take care of all as you take My Hand, and go through that narrow gate, from now on it will be we, for you will never be alone. 

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