Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Michael the Archangel will stand guard over you protecting My Bride the elect.

These times are unparalleled in disaster upon disaster, happening quickly and profusely.

Do not run about haphazardly knowing not to where you are running.

My eyes are upon you and trust must form your actions as I speak to your inner thoughts.

As you forget yourself seeking to help those who are hurting around you, I perform miracles.

They will become to you a wonder and a confidence in Me as you go about your works of Mercy.

You may find your strength and ability heightened because of the great need.

Cease not in your prayers centered on your God for nothing will be beyond what is being asked of you.

It shall be done according to My Will.

My Mother is preparing you now and it should not surprise you as She makes Herself and Her intentions known to you.

Fulfill Her requests as you can and allow the blessings to accomplish Charity towards others to flourish.

Blessed are you who follow Her lead and go the Way of Holiness by means of the Rosary and fasting.

By these you will find true contrition as a sure path to overcoming temptation and habitual sin.

I will infuse you with new life each day as you glean from My Words bits and pieces of Hope for your future.

There is nothing for you to fear though many around you cry out in bitter anguish and despair.

They have not prepared as you have but I will provide and rescue them as they turn to Me.

My Mercy reaches to the utmost depth, even those whom circumstances divert them to the last hour.

But do not presume recklessly upon this as some will be thinking as in the day of Noah.


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