Thursday, May 12, 2011


Offer to Me the love you have and allow for the miracle to be manifested.

There was a young boy who offered to Me the little he had, five barley loaves and two
fish, with this 1 fed five thousand.

Will I not be able to do great things in you when you surrender to Me what you have.

There is a great need everywhere and you are My chosen ones though you do not feel that
you can accomplish much.

Approach the One who is Love itself, I am the One who can and will do through you
what I have prepared to do with your cooperation.

In My Words there are many treasures and promises made to those who love and follow
My Commands.

Feast on them, it will refresh you and also endear you to Me through Contemplation.

With Me by your side what fear could ever be disturbing your peace of mind.

Befriend your Guardian Angel and St. Michael they enlighten and inspire praise and
confidence that you are not going it alone.

Daily I feed the multitudes who come to My Altar to receive the food of life My own
Body and Blood.

Miracles are happening all around you but the greatest is the conversion of a soul.

So many have apostasized turning their backs on the Church and the Sacraments but
profess to still believe in Me.

They wander lost and unaware of the dangers as they have no one directing them and
have no power against the enemy.

I await their return, I am a faithful Father who will hasten to their aid and forgive them.

Always entrust your loved ones into the care of Mother Mary, with each Rosary She sees
the soul of each lost one.

My cup of Justice is brimming over, enter now into My Heart and console Me with
gratitude and praise.

I hold each of you My loved ones, so precious are you who come and adore Me in the
Blessed Sacrament.

Pray for each other to grow in holiness and that their blessings be multiplied.

Mercy is flowing from My Heart but not all will be the recipients of such great blessings.


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