Thursday, July 28, 2011



Learn from Me all who receive this call to a greater awareness of the lack of love in the

You who are lonely reach out, go out of your seclusion and be among people who
surround themselves with many acquaintances but befriend none.

They need you to truly be the one to listen to them and be their friend.

You need not give any advice but just be there for them, to listen and allow the Holy
Spirit to help you overcome your loneliness and their emptiness.

I came into this world for love to be made manifest; it alone is it’s greatest need in the
salvation of My people.

Many go about their daily lives feeling abandoned and alone, feeling that no one cares.

They may lash out for no good reason and ultimately feel justified but end in feeling
sorrowful and sad in doing so.

Oh, if only they would know My love for them through your loving care and actions.

Sometimes they may assume a persona of having it altogether and that all couldn’t be
better for them.

I have seen and have known their wounded hearts throughout their lives.

They need someone who through caring eyes and gentle touch will tell them of My love
for them. May I use you?

First, you need to come to Me to be refreshed and strengthened, to hear Me say that you
are loved even as you are, where you are.

I want to empower you to be more positive in all the thoughts of your mind, all the words
of your tongue, all the works of your hands.

Never forget My greatness and ability to glorify My Name even through your weakness.

I chose you and I am never wrong.

We have desired to use man from the beginning of time and not to do all Ourselves.

It is Our Will and pleasure that man have a hand in the ordering and living of life.

So much has been ruined by sin but the Father wishes to recreate a new innocence and
beauty upon the earth.

Holiness to be once again realized in His chosen loved ones so much in need of healing
and forgiveness.

Love and care for My forgotten and lonely ones, those who have no hope and who are in

As you trust in Me, I will change the direction of this fallen society bent on utter

Be patient for the unraveling of the masterpiece planned before all of time.

You will play a part in the ultimate victory, come close to Me now I want to bless and
anoint you for ministry.


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