Thursday, December 8, 2011



“Why do you go mourning oppressed by the foe?” these are My Words to you.

Do you not know that, My love for you has freed you that you may leap for joy even now?  Yes, in joy will you serve Me and My people who are in need of healing.
I did not create you for a life lived with heads bowed down in self-rejection, repentant, yes but lives spent in guilt, must go.

You were created for greater works designed to lift the spirits of your brothers and sisters, who are down-trodden and dejected.

My Blood, poured out for you was meant to give you new life, not so that you could wait doing nothing until your time here expired.

No, I have work for you.  You must show up for work each day, I have new graces each morning.

Tell Me you are ready and willing to do whatever I have planned.

You say “how shall I know Your Will?”

Simply put, you will see a need and do what needs to be done according to your ability, that is what I bless.

No selfish motives ever bring joy to your heart, nor is it satisfying to your soul’s economy.

You will find, that water always flows to the lowest part, such is the easy life of being self-absorbed.

But to serve others and their needs is an effort I aid with grace and joy, that cannot be explained.

It must be tested by experience and so you taste of My Goodness.

Then you will ask anything in My Name and My Father will hear you.

My joy is to see you full in the happiness, even here and now, that My Love affords.

As you do what I have planned, more gifts and greater are the works commissioned you.

Have you come today with expectant faith, ready for work, ready to receive all I have prepared for you?

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