Thursday, December 29, 2011


In fulfillment of the Scriptures, I was born though many had wearied in the waiting of the Father’s perfect timing.

Do you not realize that the reality of My Second coming is upon you?

Even though you are unaware, I have given you the grace of repentance, a grace that draws you back to Me.

You believe in yourself that because of your growing holiness, you have thus decided a new conversion.

It is My doing, My Will that draws you, each one by name, for love’s sake.

You are still far off and so weak, though your arms long to grasp the very presence of your God.

Yet you are unable to do anything in your own progress, you can only offer yourself as you are.

This is how I want you surrendered, helpless and allowing Me to do what you cannot.

As you come near, My flame ignites you and purifies, as you begin to train for a life which is simpler and less worldly, less preoccupied with self, I am born anew.

As I have named the stars in the Heavens, even of greater value are you, each one written in the book of life for all time in eternity.

From the Heavens, I view your lights glowing, indeed on fire with My love.

Praise Me, for everything that your joy may be complete in your so doing, you are fulfilled.

You, as a helpless child, limply hang on to My Fatherly embrace, not knowing that it is I Who is firmly holding you keeping you from falling.

I came then in a way that they had not expected, believe now in a greater way My Second coming to be sure, you must have Faith in Me.

I am igniting hearts with the fire of My love at a time when unknown and unwanted by many, I come 
to those who will accept Me.

Only with joyful hearts, set free from the present darkness that inundates this chaotic world at large, will My coming be realized in full.

Your Faith is being fortified day by day for My purposes, prepare for Me your willing acceptance.

Run to Me child, My arms are open wide, waiting to lift you up to the Heavens, I bless you now!

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