Friday, December 16, 2011



Come with Me on a journey up the mountain.

It is meant to be the journey of a lifetime for it will change your whole perspective on life itself.

Leave at the foot of this mountain all baggage you have brought, you know well what it is that you have carried with you day in and day out.

I will take you by the hand up, up and still further but I see you have kept a backpack for security just in case your Lord is not all you need Him to be. I am not offended.

It is a measure of control of your life that you desire to maintain.

Have you noticed how your breathing now becomes labored and difficult as you go on?

If you surrender to Me this need to secure your future in your own doing and trust in My love, you will be unburdened.

The higher we progress the more difficult it is for you to control life as you would want.

Enter under the canopy of My all encompassing love for I desire that you rest in Me throughout your day, everyday.

With guilt on your shoulders you struggle to maintain and arrange what is meant to be My work, your steps become heavier.

You miss the beauty I have so lovingly placed around you.

The air becomes sweeter as you allow the breath of the Spirit to fill your hungry lungs that long to be deeply filled.

Beneath your feet a carpet of Wild flowers, tiny and colorful, always missed because when you are rushing about and anxious for your next move you crush them.

You overlook the many gifts I bring to comfort and soothe away what you perceive as your troubles, I provide as growth in suffering.

Do you not see that in the right circumstances you could have been the soldier with the whip in hand during My Passion? Are you really so different from him in weakness?

In My Mother’s “yes” she surrendered Her all to Me and received all in return.

My child, you are waiting for direction but miss what I have for you today.

Accept the next breath, the next ache, the next inconvenience as joy knowing that it comes from Me.

All your life has been planned by a loving Father who never lets you out of His sight.

If you decide for Me in this journey to allow yourself to be carried, your life would take on a new direction and that is upward, never looking back.

The humility I seek from you is a total dependence on Me but it is not a switch which can be turned on and off, it is a grace that is acquired for the asking.

Do not fear anything even to remember to ask daily, I am there and will lovingly remind you in ways that will rekindle the flame of the smoldering embers of your love for Me.

Our journey begins new each day take heart in the love I bear for each of you.


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