Thursday, December 15, 2011



Woe to you who are circumcised in flesh only and not at heart.

How long must I wait for you to come to Me surrendered and humble in heart?

Punishment surely is waiting for those whose gods are material idols and pleasures of the world.

My loved ones what are you doing?

Do you not realize the urgency of repentance for the saving of your souls?

Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten the darkness of your minds.

Sin has rendered you blind to the condition of your very souls before Me, you consider yourselves faultless while finding others guilty.

As I gaze upon the earth I weep because of My love for you, all engrossed in worthless engagements forgetting what is of value.

This time is becoming crucial for conversions, pray for the lost, pray for the grace to be of use to Me.

I am a Merciful God who bends low to hear even the whisper of a child especially a wounded, rebellious one;  knowing that this is a symptom of a greater need.

This is a need I desire to heal through My faithful servants as they will assist.

Wisdom will move you to greater works, be compliant and easily moved by compassion.

Much will be accomplished now because of the great need and urgency for the saving of Souls

My desire is that none should be lost, thus My loving patience for as many to enter in.

No one is exempt from work in My Vineyard, even those who give a cool drink of water are valued.

No one should feel dispensable nor should they feel useless because of education or ability.

Though the Nations  shake at the sight of catastrophes, you will not be disturbed for I will surround you with an aura of Peace and My very Presence.

Even now, Angels encircle you, be mindful of your every thought, silence your tongue, listen, and guard your actions.

If you would draw close to Me, deny yourself more from food, confess more often, I wait patiently for you here, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome weaknesses and evil inclinations, He will.


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