Thursday, January 5, 2012


Do not think of Me as being far off and distant from all that you do.

This could not be farther from the Truth, of which I am, who is within you.

I today, commission you as I commissioned My twelve Apostles, to go forth to cast out demons, cure diseases and every sickness.

You need not fear, only fear your pride, which will hinder your being fully used by Me.

There is at this time a great need for renewal of faith in God and in the Church because of complacency.

When materialism dominates the world of those who have, those who have not, those who are in poverty and desperation, look to their God for relief.

I look to you to help them, but who is responding, when you do not consider yourselves as having been given much in every way.

I am softening hearts that have been formerly cold and aloof to the needs of others.

Currently, ailments and needs of help with basic necessities, presenting themselves will draw your attention and startle your conscience to the needs of others.

You will have contact with people not associated with the familiar group.

With this, decisions will be required to be swift and made in faith out of love for your fellow man.

Child, your Father is watching closely and He is most pleased with your progress, thank Him.

Without your prior knowledge, a plan has been in operation since before your birth.

That you should accompany the Church Triumphant, as an upcoming Saint, is the fulfilment of your pilgrimage here on earth.

Keeping your eyes on Me, your world will seem transformed, as tribulations and vexations, lose their meaning, for you will have a new purpose.

I will enliven every cell in you even now, for your call into service.

I am healing you, do you ask Me for what you really need, is it something you are not aware you need?

Many of My people are asleep, oblivious to the danger that their very Souls are in, wake them up to the reality that, all they do and don’t do, actually matter, now and for all eternity!


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