Thursday, January 26, 2012



Seek your joy in Me, find the love I placed in everything created, which I placed in the world for your pleasure and happiness.

When you do not perceive what I planned for your joy and enjoyment, you miss seeing Me.

The very air you breathe, and all you see, was created good, for your good and well being.

And so you want to thank Me, by your total giving of yourself, you feel completely encapsulated.

But within a very short time, something interferes with this perfect picture of self-giving.

Someone has hurt, bruised your self-esteem and you react with what appears to be your own will, again, it is not of My Will, learn from Me.

Come back into My arms, I have not let you go, and I have certainly not turned My back on you.

Be aware that not everything that you will hear, in the quiet of your mind, will be from Me.

But you will know by the contents of the words and through the gift of discernment if it is from Me.

In joy, which might come from suffering with Me, you will come more quickly into My very presence.

Yes, you long to be in the Heavens with Me, but there is a plan here and now, that requires your utmost co-operation, that also will give you much satisfaction and joy in the doing.

The ebb of your Spirit, that is your lowliness, calls you to decrease while I increase in you.

Do not flee from this ebb tide in life, which causes your mind and heart to be disheartened with thoughts of failure at times.

For greater is the drawing, the pull, the attraction, to your future dwelling with Me, your Creator.

So deep is My love for you that it trembles and shakes the very earth itself, what are you man that I should care for you?

All I desire for you is that you should love one another, nothing gives to Me so much pleasure, as to see you living the life I created you to live.

If you, in your quiet moments, close your eyes, I will give to you a new image of Myself, one that will lift your Spirits, from the ebb tides of life.

With strength renewed, go proclaim, that your God lives, be My disciples of love, show them, that I am love itself, and that I desire to dwell in and love through them.


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