Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Oh little fig tree, I see your lush green leaves, but where is your fruit?

This is a new beginning for you, do not think for one moment that I am displeased with you.

You have been thinking that all was as it should be, but you only sacrificed for things that affect you.

I am cultivating the ground around you, little tree in My garden, and will supply all that is needed, in order that you will produce fruit.

Upon your very creation, I named you, a name unknown to you or to your parents.

It is a name that uniquely describes who I created you to be, and, describes your talents or fruit with which to bring you happiness here and now.

You serve Me best when you walk this path in these shoes I prepared for you.

Do not be worried about how this will be realized and fulfilled, this is My work in you.

As yet this talent or fruit, remains undeveloped, unused in practise.

Soon I will enter My garden once again, but with needy people of My flock, who will be requiring this fruit which you will supply.

Pray now for the willingness of Spirit, to be moulded and strengthened, for your tomorrows are soon gone.

The fruit I require of you is so special that this gift has been given to no other one.

Uniquely have I made each one, so desired and loved above all your understanding or perception.

There will be difficult times that you must bear patiently, waiting for the new springtime to arrive.

Never forget that I shed My Blood and suffered, it was My food to do the Will of the Father to the finish.

The fruit you will bear, My little fig tree, will make you so happy, it will feel as if finally this is why you were created, the reason you were born.

Yes, what joy to offer your Maker, your Spouse, who loves the very thought of making you, even now a productive member of His Body.

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