Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ask Me to remove the obstacle that keeps you from doing God’s perfect Will in your life.

You say to Me, “I am doing Your Will Lord, what do You mean?”

As David faced Goliath, so must you face the problem, that insecurity, that necessity you elude, or that thing that you just cannot overcome in life.

Like David, until you put all your trust in Me, to take care of everything concerning that particular need, you are not free to serve as I need you to serve Me, you are reserved in your judgements and action.

Freedom is what I desire for you, for your soul to be free and not constrained.

Then you will do all from a surrendered heart, free of self and fear, filled with the Spirit.

You may not be conscious of the presence of this Goliath, whom you persistently evade not wanting to face this challenge to grow in faith.

But like David with his little smooth stone, which I empowered, to defeat the giant, I will also empower you to defeat your giant.

With faith the size of a mustard seed, you will defeat the giant that threatens to limit your growth.

Notice if you will, that I had previously increased faith in David’s heart, when I saved him from the lion and from the bear, preparing him for the great confrontation of Goliath.

Am I not doing this also in your life, to show you My Merciful love for you, that your faith be fortified?

My desire is that you be free to serve, not as a slave but with freedom to do what your Spirit truly wants to do for Me.

In order to gain merit for your souls, the Father wishes to give you all you desire, according to His Will, if you will allow Him to act.

He will not violate your rights of free Will, but you can be an obstacle to His acting in your life.

Intercede for all whom you wish to help, when it is needed, without hesitation but in great trust.

Your Faith must grow much stronger, soon the things, which you most depend on, will be no more.

Strengthen your resolve to draw closer to your Blessed Mother, She will direct your actions to a unifying walk with each other, and with Me, Your God, who will never leave you, nor forsake you.


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