Thursday, November 24, 2011


Come, you whom are called by My Father, He has called you to live in freedom.

You have been chosen to live a life worthy of Heaven even here as you live on earth.

All that is happening around you, confusion, chaos, and every disruption is happening apart from you.

For I have sheltered you in the arms of My Mother who leads you always to where I am.

You must not stand in judgement of your brother, even the persistent sinner whom you see in the wickedness of his actions.

I am the God who loves and I am able to correct or change circumstances that allow ones soul freedom from the corruption of the evil one, I allow Mercy to be shown, as you also must do.

There will be times when I will comfort you and bring joy in the midst of situations that you are not understanding, these are times you will shine before your accuser.

There will be light in the darkness which I have rescued you from so that you may have compassion on others who may be caught in the snares, addictions and plots of the evil one.

All that you have and are experiencing will be used for your development and formation as your life unfolds that I may use you.

But even now know that I remain with you and feed you continuously that you may not fall;  pray to be made willing to do My bidding and call.

If you receive persecution, remember that they persecuted Me and you must resemble Me in all things.

But do not fear My Divine Will for you, only glory at sharing contempt for love of Me.

My eyes are on you, and your every breath;   when you raise your thoughts to Me I melt, My Heart throbs for love of you, feel that you are indeed close to Me.

Sorrow shall only be yours when you forget Me and My plans for the salvation of the world, you will feel the separation from Me, even though I will be near.

Come often to Me and repent, it is then that you will receive the cleansing waters that the Holy Spirit wishes to pour upon you.

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