Thursday, November 3, 2011


“Any plant My Heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots”  Matt. 15:13

You have not seen it necessary for repentance, after all you are the ones whose prayers are always before Me, you are not the worst of criminals, you consider yourselves among My chosen ones.

But I require more from you that you may reach your full potential.

Many times I’ve waited for you to ask Me concerning holiness and greater humility.
Our relationship, you and I, must be nurtured and newly formed each day if you are to progress.

Yes, even “prayer” is a gift given to you, not for yourself only but so that, from our friendship others would benefit.

I can reach them through you if you will only come close to Me now with your heart open to hear.

If you will give Me the opportunity, I will speak the words that you will understand, in a way that I alone have provided for you.

I have made each of you uniquely for this purpose of My communicating personally with you.

Even if you cannot find that perfectly quiet spot in which to pray, I am not hindered in the least in your hearing Me speak or My hearing you especially prayer from your heart.

Those times are especially dear to Me because it is then that love flourishes in the garden of your Soul.

I bless your every effort though they may be but feeble attempts to grow in virtue.

Truly you do not recognize the weeds as such in your garden, sin loves to camouflage itself so well.

But as you communicate with Me I will shed light upon those areas where the time to change, to uproot has come and a greater and more beautiful Soul be created and nurtured by My Father.

You are Mine, I love you perfectly even now, and someday soon, love will bloom perfectly in the garden as I foresaw as being very good even from the time of your creation.


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