Thursday, November 17, 2011


As the Father of the Prodigal Son ran to meet him so do I run to meet you.

Always am I very near to those who humble themselves to hear Me, they have been given ears to hear.

They will be My instruments to bring love to a fallen world.

First must come the relationship of trust between us because only then will what you hear be complied with.

There will be times when the request I give you seem strange but nonetheless My purpose fulfilled.

Each moment is an opportunity in which a seed of love may be sown to produce a bountiful harvest.

Your hours upon earth are indeed numbered and to you a specific allotment of grace especially prepared for your enrichment to holiness.

Welcome Him your Advocate the Holy Spirit, who will empower the Truth to come alive into you new each and every day.

Retire into the solitude of meditation and you will feel My very presence touching you, touching your woundedness and healing you.

I paint your soul with love that enables you thus to love others in compassionate service that would not have been possible before.

Do not busy yourselves in your own efforts of thinking of the good deeds to be done for I Myself wish to lead the work that I have planned and arranged.

Praise must precede your work in order that what is accomplished be fruitful ultimately for the Kingdom.

But above all, be joyful in the task and indeed you will be, if you allow My Heart to open in you filling it with My love.

A soothing balm I will pour upon your woundedness for your healing.

How can I send My soldiers into battle in a wounded state?

I tell you I will not, but, be prepared to suffer in following Me, and be ready to receive healing in ways you have not even asked Me.


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