Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You have known and acknowledged that I have called and chosen you.

 I have selected to make of you a vessel for the continued sanctification and nourishment of your families especially those who have left the faith and the Sacraments.

In using you as My instruments, many would otherwise be forever lost, starving for Spiritual food, without My intervention.

You will stand in the gap, maintaining the lifeline of grace, Hope in the wake of the coming Chastisement.

You will be My chosen vessels sent to others as well, who are in need of My healing, deliverance and peace.

Just as you can do nothing on your own, always be totally infused in Me as your source of food and strength for the Mission to which you have been called.

Your supply replenished as a Ciborium filled with consecrated Hosts ready to feed the poor.  You yourself will be My Ciborium, I am the Bread of Life.

Give what you have received from Me to the many who are in dire need.

First must be your families of which you are closely related, then to those I bring to you without their being aware.

Loved one, will you serve Me in this way?  Will you allow Me to use you as a Ciborium to feed others?

From now on, because you have given to Me your hearts and your whole being, your time will be most valuable in the time remaining.

Be at peace always for this will attract the ones who are most confused in the frantic world of speed and noise.

You will appear to stand alone and will seem not to conform with the world at large but it must be so.

This is My plan for you and for all who will respond to My call, it falls on deaf ears too preoccupied.
It is a call for survival, for salvation.

Be the vessel of food for the needy, the Bread of Life for those who are not destined to perish.

This is a mysterious concept for you but as you will trust in My work in you all will fall into place.

My desire is that none should perish whom My Father has given Me.

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