Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I speak words of forgiveness to you so that you can reconcile with the one who has hurt you.           Sometimes consciously or not you have rejected the very thought of it.
Waiting for the other to come to you, after all, you were the one who was offended. But I challenge you now to go and ask pardon even if your every feeling goes against it.

I love you and when you shall obey this command your joy will be forever celebrated here and in the heavens and you will be forgiven by Me. 
Do I not have your best interests in Mind?  Do I not know you better than you know even yourself?

Child, this life is for you a testing ground a learning and a growing school for love.  Everything I allow in your life is for your advancement, could it be otherwise?

Even those who are jealous of you cause you pain because you have learned that you cannot trust them in their sweetness towards you.

I am the One whom you shall find is the Truth and worthy of all your inmost secret thoughts and dependencies, the very One you can trust.

There is no deceit in Me and you are in need of discovering this trust in the days that are here and now.

You will ask Me to lead you and discern what you are to do and I will lead you in the way you should go.

When one does not trust, he does not advance in any way especially love.

Indeed he will otherwise regress, but I am preparing your life’s circumstances in such a way that great progress will be made, never again will you doubt Me.

I want you to have a firm and unwavering trust in your God, who deserves nothing less than your total trust in commitment.

In the days to come, there will be little time for floundering in decision making and you must have Me completely beside you full in the confidence of your mind and hearts.


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