Thursday, October 6, 2011


Try to imagine what your life would be like if you surrendered all to Me.

Child, I am in you now, and I have given you a personality all your own that I will not take away, for that is who you are in Me.

My desire is for your happiness even now in this life and in the next but for this to be accomplished your will must be second to Mine here and now.

You cannot just decide today to abandon all that makes up your life but little by little as you present to Me your very self, I change you.

For My Peace to reign in this world I want to use you and will not do it without you.

Simon was forced to carry My cross but it was him and all creation that I carried.  I give you My yoke when your burden overwhelms you, all for love of you.

Seek to adore Me for it is before the Blessed Sacrament that sins and scares of the past indiscretions are erased and purified.  Upon this I build a foundation that enables Me to use you to glorify Me in this life.

Lose yourself in the gaze of My eyes as you devoutly and fervently tell Me of your love and devotion.

I empower you to go out into the world as you feed upon Me in the Eucharist.

Tell Me of your surrender and I will show to you what separates and holds you from the joy you are searching for.

I have seen you try so earnestly to find happiness in gaining possessions and in finding amusements only to be disappointed time and again.

I wait for you here in the Blessed Sacrament.  Be still, I am your God who loves you.

I will stir up your heart, if you will allow Me to do so, for a greater love of Me.

It gives Me great joy to hear you say that you trust Me to answer your every need.

It was My great pleasure to present you to My Father, My Blood poured out washes you clean.


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