Thursday, September 29, 2011



You have prayed that I might heal you and in this serve in a greater capacity. I assure you that your
prayers have been heard and are being answered.

Picture a rose bud; you long to see it in full bloom but you must wait for its proper time, its petals to
slowly open.

And so it is with the gift of your healing, it must not be rushed, all in due time.

As you faithfully wait, consider also the wall that has grown around your heart, slowly it has been
allowed to grow and develop.

Brick by brick keeping you at a safe distance from people and circumstances you have considered to be something to fear or not to deal with.

You have asked Me to search your heart, not even being aware that this wall existed.

I have allowed you to see this barrier for I have longed to remove it and now I have.

Your tears are duly noted, not one tear falls without My knowledge and they are all collected by your
especially chosen Angel.

I have removed it not brick by brick but I have dissolved it instantly by My Precious Blood poured out at the Holy Eucharist Celebration of the Mass which heals more than you can ever imagine.

Your heart now is united with Mine, opened, freed, emptied and ready for infilling.

You are seeking to go full throttle into service but know in the peace I am giving you, that it is My work to prepare the ones to whom I will commission you to help.

Be patient with yourself, trusting that I your physician and lover of your heart have your future planned for the greatest reward.

You now are empowered to serve Me in a more excellent and fruitful way.

I bless all your hearts with My Overflowing Love, no longer hidden out of fear of failure but with great courage and confidence.


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