Thursday, September 22, 2011



You will look upon Me whom you have pierced, worship at My feet and be healed of your infirmities.

All that keeps you from dying to self must be eliminated for it is by My Cross that you have been set free from your sin habits.

I am not forcing My Will upon you but want and desire that you choose to fulfill it.

It is always wise and the best for you to ask that My Will be done in all that you aspire to do prior to doing anything at all.

When you kneel and lift your eyes to rest upon your Savior, I will direct them to your neighbor who is petitioning Me at the same time.

I will respond to his prayer by means of you, in so doing I bless you both.

Happy will you be to serve but when what I direct you to do will seem to be beyond what you think you can do, you will seek My help.

Thus you come to Me to fulfill My request, it is My plan and in its’ wake joy to all in its’ accomplishment.

I unite My people by their need and in supplying what is necessary at the proper time for a greater good.

Slowly, your independence becomes dependent on Me your Creator, only through frequent feasting on the Holy Eucharist can this be realized and acknowledged.

This is your spiritual strength and food for growth even though you are largely unaware currently.

Guard against the pride of self-sufficiency by remaining humble and silent for reflection.

Too much is being said when listening to the Spirit is required, especially when curiosity looms in the minds of the listless.

Who are My People but those who await My Command directing them to serve not on their own but by My Hand to the relief of the poor.

I came among the poor for a reason, do you not perceive it?  I love them for they do not put on airs or deceive themselves and others, they know their own poverty, do you?


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