Friday, April 15, 2011


Spiritual growth will be yours as your relationship with Me draws you to the cross.

The cross is that which causes you to die to self and to serve others for love of Me.

Every thought, every word and your actions should come from a heart that desires to
show your love.

Come to Me in dearest sincerity not routine or thoughtlessness, I hear your sentiment.

Ask My Mother Mary to guide you in humility that you may feel My closeness.

When you silence the distraction around you I enter your soul and console your deepest

Meditate on My Passion and Crucifixion for that is where Love submitted to the Father’s
Will for love of you.

Unite any suffering you now endure, to Mine and with Me offer it for the Salvation of

All must suffer in this world in order to follow Me.

It is the manner in which you carry your cross that makes it possible to receive graces.

Dying to self is love in action.

As you put the needs of others before your own you glorify your Lord.

Others as a result praise Me when they observe your serving and generosity.

Invoke the help of the Holy Spirit daily for without His help nothing will be accomplished not in you or others.

Again your relationship with Me must increase in sincerity and constancy.

Seek to know what pleases Me, ask for Wisdom and Discernment I will never refuse you.

In order to live the Resurrected life you must die to all that is not of Me, and all that
separates us.

You are My most prized possession, nothing and no one can take your place in this
world. Anyone who is against you is against Me.

I will fight for your soul’s ultimate conversion and reward until you are home with Me.

Child do not despair in your efforts to advance towards your goal, persevere, all is well.

If you only knew the efforts of your Mother and the angels that guard you, you would be
in constant grateful prayer.

Nothing should cause you grief, for I have planned your life with your best interests in

Meditate on the great and sorrowful agony of My Passion but keep in your heart the end
result, My Resurrection and your Salvation.

Remember always My closeness and that I empower you to grow in holiness so you will
be with Me forever.


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