Saturday, March 28, 2015


2015-03-26                                                                     INRI

How precious indeed are the moments that unite us, you and Me, you await My Second Coming, yet I have never left you, even though I did Ascend.

Each and every time My servant Priests cover with their hands the bread and wine and consecrate these  elements, I come upon your altars, again and again, reliving My Passion in an unbloody manner.  

Indeed, I will be coming in radiant beauty and be glorified, at a time set by My Father, but for now it suffices for you to see Me with eyes of Faith.

My light is received and carried within each of you and as you believe, obeying My Commandments and teachings of the Church, your light will shine brilliantly for all to see and I will be glorified.

I nourish and heal, strengthening you for what is ahead, knowing your weaknesses and empowering you in ways that you do not yet appreciate, therefore I prepare without your asking graces that are needed.

I allow you to be tempted and tested through trials, in order that you may know, for you are not fully aware of your weaknesses.

Precious are the moments when in adoration, you lift your hearts to Me, especially when you meditate on the agony of My Passion and Crucifixion.

Truly during these times, My light invades and pierces the sadness and darkness of the world, as rays of sunlight beam through clouds in a stormy sky.

Because of your presence before Me the world is changed by grace, the country side is illumined and a sound of leaves rustling in the trees brings the lonely and depressed Souls hope as they receive peace.

Healings appear to be happening in ways unknown to them, because of generous Souls who intercede on their behalf, hurting people who cannot pray for themselves thank Me because of graces received.

It is a ray of Truth and the glory of Faith that has fallen upon the earth in these troubled times, the need for many to evangelize the multitudes is of the utmost necessity.

For many have taken the way of leisure and abundance for their lifestyle and have been devoid in seeking Me for I make them uncomfortable in what they want to do.

I am forever calling to them, but they have stopped their ears from hearing Me, may I send you, by your life, that is by your obedience to Me in all you do, they will be convicted and desire this life.

I freed you from the clutches of Satan and because you are free to serve as I command, I may expect to reap a harvest, a harvest that is what the devil assumes will be his.

You therefore are a privileged lot, the world's attractions and influences are not what you seek in response to the graces and blessing I have bestowed upon each of you.

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