Thursday, March 19, 2015


2015-03-19                                                                      INRI

Praise Me for I am holy, I have been poured out and have held back nothing for love of you.

You in return must let go of all that holds you down, for you must be raised up with Me and live.

Child, you were born with a clenched fist and have been holding on to things since the beginning, I offered you the sun as you clung to gold, I offered you the stars but you preferred diamonds, I offered you a crystal sea of blue and green but you desired emeralds.

In absolute trust in the God who loves you, give everything to Me, I am all the security that you need, and in this state of certainty you will not care whether My Will is great joy and abundance or poverty and suffering, or any combination thereof.

When you are weighed down by your possessions, there is much concern over keeping them and the gain of more, for there will never be sufficient in this cause.

Your hands must be freed in order that I may fill them with the plight of your neighbor, he is there asking Me for help, and I desire to send you, but only when your eyes are on Me can I reveal the needsof others.

You have learned the priorities set by the world, through sinful selfishness and greed for the ruler of this world has been fervently tempting all to self and you must unlearn through the power of the Holy Spirit the secrets of pure and holy love.

He will direct your actions and your hearts towards sincere prayer, spend your time in meditation and praise for this is where you will truly be able to gain access to the Heavenly Throne of the most High God.

Fear and anxiety must leave, there is no time to settle in what is not from Me, I desire that you be at peace and tranquil throughout the time yet allotted to you, that will generate the greatest graces for you.

As creatures that were created to be forever with Me for all eternity, I enjoin you to heed with greatest sincerity this concept of being Poor in Spirit, it is a letting go of all your concerns to Me, even the loved ones you hold so dear, who have not responded as you had hoped, leave them to Me.

I assure you that in Providential ways, that you do not yet understand, that all will come together in the Father's Plan of Salvation in exactly the way that it was meant to be from the beginning.

Rejoice that I have called you and remain with you always, though you seem to think that when you do not think of Me that I am at that time absent from you, no, even in busy times I am always there.

Have confidence in Me, in My love for you, and know without a doubt that the Poor in Spirit will inherit the Kingdom of God.

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