Friday, March 6, 2015


2015-03-06                                                                               INRI

These are treacherous times, the world heading for disaster and I am recruiting My faithful to prepare for battle, confronting the enemy of selfishness and ignorance.

Complacency has taken over the countries that are well fed and affluent, they strive ever for more and more of what the world of science and technology have to offer, leading them farther away from Me.

Their god is self and possessions, they have no need of a God who will demand of them to share and give of their talents for the good of others, I am in the distance to them, they are not mindful of Me.

Many are on the road of perdition, pray daily for your country, you who are now hearing Me, I will hold you accountable as I did with Jonah, you must not be indifferent or afraid.

I am your strength, I am the power behind your prayer, I count every word that comes from your mouth and heart, they will save Souls.

Love is what is important, not that you need to plan anything for this is My work that I have designed to be done through you, all I am asking of you is your cooperation and docility.

Give Me your hardened hearts, your fearful hearts, your wounded hearts and I will heal them and strengthen them as I form them anew.

Your very own families and close friends are wanting, they need not be deprived of their inheritance, for I have strategically placed each of you in those families for their salvation.

Lift high your heads and believe for the New Jerusalem is close at hand, but I need you to truly believe in the God who has never failed nor forsaken you His faithful and obedient ones.

My great Love for all must be proclaimed, I wish to save the misinformed and wounded who are walking beside you and feel as if they are already lost and are without hope.

Allow yourselves to be docile in My hands, with this I will be able to position you where you will do the most good in the least amount of time, for time is of the essence.

Do not consider yourselves incapable of such a task, or unworthy for your bravery and courage are demanded here, do not succumb to fear, there is nothing to fear for I am with you.

Those of you who feel My presence and constant love must be love, for the ones wounded and broken among you, I want them to enjoy life eternal, and I have planned that you would play a part in their Salvation now and forever.

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