Monday, July 27, 2009

Remain In My Love


My love for you is a perfect love and as you realize, slowly, the true love of a Father for His child, you will begin to understand forgiveness.
Unconditional love and forgiveness, frees you to love and forgive all.
Remain in My love as the words of the “Our Father” 'give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses’ means that as I forgive you your sins and feed you with My love, My very self in the Eucharist, you now, filled with My love, can now love others, not out of your love, but out of Mine. Remain in My love.

Misery is the soul in the clutches of sin.
l created you to live in My joy.
Do not be fearful of failure but trust and have confidence in My love for you.
I will always forgive you and your efforts are ever before My eyes.
l love you with an eternal love.
Rejoice in the realization of the gift, which is My love for My creature with whom I desire to share eternity.
With whom nothing was too great to secure your future even to dying on a cross.
Remain in My love.

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