Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trusting In The Unseen Hand


You are entering with Me into the garden of Gethsemane.
Be alert, prepared, do not become complacent or discouraged.
I am with you, so close to you, though you do not perceive Me at work with you, inspiring and strengthening you.

During this time, grow in trust as I provide opportunities for you to fill your lamps with oil during these end times.
Perform the duty of the moment and every opportune good deed presented to you.
Take the hand of My dear Mother, who loves and cares for you all,
She will guide you in the ways of holiness and perseverance of faith in suffering and difficulties.
Expect opposition from your family, friends, even those near to you, remember My sufferings and suffering will not seem so strange to you

l am the Master. Be mindful of My presence within your very self,
I know your thoughts, your sorrows and joys.
Thank Me, praise Me, it will lighten your heart to do so.
Love all in preparation for your new life in the Kingdom.
Heaven is always with you even now, the saints, angels, your family and the Trinity all are interceding for you.
Be of good cheer, remember My closeness.

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