Tuesday, August 11, 2009



Today, I wish to speak to you about detachment.
You must separate yourselves from the things of this world.
As I enter into your hearts, I feel oppressed by all your worldly concerns, which I desire to free you from, so that you will be free to serve Me.
When I walked the earth, I was free and entrusted all My needs to the care of My Father, you must do the same.
When I said ‘follow Me’ I was not speaking carelessly but meaningfully, I go with you, each moment is prepared for you.
This detachment must not be from each other for you must unite in My name always.
There is coming a time soon, when life as you now know it, will be no more and you will be needed to help others to cope with their losses.
I am your strength, give Me today all your concerns and praise Me for your freedom to choose, this abandonment, before it is no longer your freedom to give.
I hold graces for you ‘today’ and I desire to give them to you abundantly.
Listen to My words. as your hands go up in praise, they uncover your closed ears.
From all eternity, hear Me say to you ‘I love you‘.

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