Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Seek Me Elsewhere


I plant the seed of inspiration and if you do this, what I inspire, you reap the benefit, the harvest as it were.
Stay close to Me that I may prepare the field, your heart, so that every blessing and grace, I have prepared for you may be realized each day.
My people are in apostasy, walking away from My table hungry, looking for food where it cannot be found.
I am the bread from Heaven, the bread that does indeed satisfy your every need and desire, but you must also devour My Word.
Some have let it wash over them without it accomplishing what I proposed it to do.
“Listen” to My Word and “do” What I say and you will have life unto the full.
Some have left the Church seeking My Word but only here is My presence in the bread of the Altar.
Adore Me in the Blessed Sacrament, see Me giving you My very self in the Eucharist, a gift of infinite value, a balm for every wound, freedom for the captive, companionship for the lonely, courage for the fearful, giving rest to the burdened and so much more will I be and do for you.

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