Tuesday, August 6, 2013


You are seeking to do My Divine Will, but you are frustrated and worried as to what it might be for you, and if you indeed are doing it.

At this moment I want you to receive My Peace, you are in My Will; if by your desire to follow Me you are doing what I have commanded through My Church and the laws of your country.

The person who stands in need before you, is the one who most needs you, that is My Will for you, and the joy that will be in your heart will tell you so as you fulfill that mission, be it large or small.

He may be related or not, even someone unknown to you, you may like or dislike this person, but he is none the less your neighbour in need of your help.

He may be someone who is morally objectionable to you, but in need, again without judging him, you help him as if you are aiding Me.

I always did My Father’s Will while on earth as I do in Heaven, and so must you follow in this way to the holiness and purity of your Soul.

Sometimes I allow you to suffer at the hands of others, who inflict pain and suffering that you do not deserve but again you follow Me in accepting My Will.

You will each have a cross to carry, do not consider that it is punishment for anything that you have done, but you willingly carry it for love of Me.

If I am to be found in you, should I not be able to have the freedom to love through you as I please?

A complete surrender of your will to My Will is what I desire for you, for this is what will accomplish the greatest joy in you even here and now.

It will not matter whether you are doing work that others consider beneath you, or whether you are being honoured for heroic work or anything in between, it will all be My Will.

Meditate upon the life that My Mother lived, hidden in Nazareth, She perfectly did the Father’s Will though She humbly lived and sacrificed Her life for Me.

With each day begin anew, for each day I am waiting to embrace the sinner and grant new graces, those who are not defeated, but who have the courage and strength to trust in Me I will bless abundantly.

Together you and I will walk a path that will lead to a renewed Spirit, into the light of newness of life, grace and power to persevere will enable you to succeed, as we build the Kingdom of God one Soul at a time.

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