Wednesday, August 28, 2013



You will be judged on the way you have used your gifts given for your use here on earth.

Whether you have lived for self or others, but the greatest gift that I have given to you is My very self in the Eucharist.

As you receive Me, greater and greater is My love increased in you as you allow its grace to work in you.

It has always been My Will that you succeed in holiness of life and that your life be lived in Me.

Many are traveling a road that is solely self-centered and feel that they are living a good life, not wishing evil to anyone, or doing their neighbour any harm.

But they have not allowed My love to penetrate their hearts that I may use them, they live a life that is without My blessings.

And so the works they do are for themselves and merit them nothing in the life hereafter for all eternity.

When you give your life to Me, I consecrate it with every blessing, you allow Me to direct your comings and goings and so you serve your brothers and sisters, thus all of Heaven rejoices with you and for you.

Living within Me, you have a sense of completeness and are wholly peaceful within yourself, even when others are not respecting you or being kind, you do not loose your peace.

The things that you work at and try to accomplish need not have total success stamped on them, but I bless your efforts, for they are done for My love and the love of others.

These are the end times, and soon all will receive the anointing that will reveal to them whether they have lived for themselves or for the good of others, that is My mandate of love.

I have promised Wisdom to you but you must ask Me, desire to have the Holy Spirit search you and all your ways.

You need Wisdom to know if your life has gained Salvation for you, have you been on the narrow path that is in following as My disciple?

Were you listening for the Holy Spirit’s inspirations and His leading, have you inquired of Him?

Pray for your brothers and sisters, especially the unbelievers who are not conscious of the path to perdition, lay your hands on those I will lead you to and anoint them with the oil of gladness.

For I was the first to be anointed with this Oil of Gladness, in order to be able to accept the cross, and so must you be following Me in dying to self, this is not an option, My dear children, you must die to self and live in Me.

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