Wednesday, August 21, 2013


That which is impossible for man is possible with God.

You must strive to be indifferent to all things except to do God’s Will out of love for Him.

But you must always work for the Salvation of your neighbour and never be indifferent to him.

You will do this out of love for Me, and I will be the One who will do this in you, I will sow the seed of desire to love your neighbour, any attempts to accomplish this on your own, I will not bless.

Wait for Me to instruct you, I plant and I reap the fruit in due time, first I patiently wait for you to comply with the mandate of detaching yourself from all things and be wholly Mine.

Some will eagerly try to advance without the anointing that they require, and there will be no fruit, without My blessing the work.

Your peace is thereby destroyed and the Truth, that you tried to convince your neighbour of, is thus set further back.

First surrender your life and all your desires to Me, with the love of your Lord for Him only.

When I see that you have accepted this grace, and that you are wholly Mine, I then will act.

Desire this, pray that you will desire this and I will make it known to you that it was first My Will for you all along, that you be completely Mine.

The Apostles were given a mission, and so it is with each of you, many in this world are in need of the graces that I will give to them through you.

You have not yet conceived in your mind the great works that I have planned but, there is a sequence that must be met, may it all begin with you separating yourself from all that possesses you.

Your love must not be for anything or your desires whether for position or even work done for God.

Do you not see that it is still your doing, you are not to plant the seed without Me, do not go ahead of Me.

Do not hold onto any sadness, disappointments, or feelings of guilt, they only defeat any good that was previously gained and do not allow Me to act in you.

In meditation and prayer, feel the closeness of uniting with your Lord, rest and do not do anything in haste, wait for the anointing.

More will be accomplished when My hand is upon the appointed project, do not worry or become anxious about anything, I am in control but only when you let go of the control and trust Me.


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