Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I hear you in repentance and in hearing you, I forgive.

Trust in Me, you are lacking in what will enable you to reach mountain peaks, for I desire to give to you a confidence unsurpassed.

Your sins are as weeds in your garden, when you confess them, and do not seek out the cause, it is like merely cutting off the leaves, leaving the plant intact, only to have it grow back, that is to sin again.

You thus are not eliminating the cause, the root of the evil must be dealt with, ask the Holy Spirit to search your life for hidden motives and He will reveal to you what you need to know.

Come before Me, even in just your thoughts, wherever you are in this present moment, and I will heal you in ways yet unknown to you, especially if you come before Me in My Tabernacle, or before the Monstrance, I will burn away your faults.

I will grant the grace of courage to all who come to the Sacrament of forgiveness, for it requires a humbling of your spirit.

Thus you will gain new power, and a joy that will attract others by your transformed life.
Come close to My Heart, just as you are, there I will comfort you and you will desire a life of love.

This love transcends all, and you will become poor in spirit, the Saint you were created to be.

To be poor in spirit means, that you will no longer be a slave to the desire to acquire more and more of the world’s goods, you will be satisfied in Me.

The prince of darkness wants you to be preoccupied with self, your looks, how others view you, thinking twice over everything you have said, his aim is to distract you from Me.

Live simply, your eyes on Me your Lord, who loves you beyond your imagining, I am all you need.

Do not be too proud to confess your shortcomings, I already know them and still love you, but when you are freed you will be able to give love, now you allow Me to love through you.

Only in the joy and freedom from guilt will your spirit live and abound in love and in Truth evangelize.

There is a whole storeroom of graces yet unclaimed, that is just for you, you will not weary Me in the asking.

In your joy, in your peace, praise and gratitude will issue forth from your hearts and your lips, as you come before Me.

There is no time to delay in setting your lives in order, those who are leading you, your priests, your confessors are needed greatly, they are My Shepherds, to whom I have entrusted a great responsibility.


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